to accept aceptar
to accompany acompañar
to add añadir
to advise aconsejar
to allow permitir
to answer/to reply/to apply to contestar
to argue dirigirse a, solicitar discutir
to arrive llegar
to ask (a question) preguntar, hacer una pregunta
to ask a question hacer una pregunta
to ask/to ask for pedir
to avoid evitar
to bath, to bathe bañarse
to be ser, estar
to be able to poder, ser capaz de
to be born nacer
to be called llamarse
to be careful tener cuidado
to be hot/cold tener calor/frío
to be hungry tener hambre
to be in a hurry tener prisa
to be interested in interesarse en
to be keen to tener ganas de
to be located encontrarse, estar situado/situarse
to be lucky tener suerte
to be sleepy, tired tener sueño
to be sorry sentir
to be successful tener éxito
to be thirsty tener sed
to borrow pedir prestado
to break romper
to bring traer
to brush (teeth, hair) cepillarse
to buy comprar
to buy tickets sacar entradas
to call llamar
to cancel anular
to carry, to wear llevar
to change cambiar
to change (trains etc) hacer transbordo
to chat charlar
to check verificar
to choose elegir
to clear the table quitar la mesa
to click cliquear
to climb mountains escalar montañas
to climb/to go up subir
to close cerrar
to collide/to crash chocar
to come venir
to complain quejarse
to contact contactar
to cost costar
to count contar
to crash, to collide chocar
to cry llorar
to dance bailar
to decide decidir
to describe describir
to deserve merecer
to die morir
to discuss discutir
to dismiss despedir
to do the vacuum cleaning pasar la aspiradora
to do the washing up fregar (los platos)
to do, to make hacer
to download (music) descargar (música)
to draw dibujar
to dress vestirse
to drink beber
to drive conducir
to eat comer
to end terminar(se)
to enjoy disfrutar
to enjoy oneself divertirse
to enter entrar
to escape escaper(se)
to fail (an exam) suspender (un examen)
to fall caer
to feel sentir
to fill llenar
to fill out (a form) rellenar (una ficha )
to find, to meet encontrar
to finish, end acabar, terminar
to follow/to continue seguir
to forget olvidar
to forgive perdonar
to get (good) marks sacar (buenas) notas
to get angry enfadarse
to get dressed vestirse
to get off (a bus) bajar
to get on well with llevarse bien con
to get up levantarse
to give dar
to give (presents) ofrecer/dar (regalos)/regalar
to give orders, to send mandar
to go ir
to go along (in a car) circular (en coche)
to go down, to get off bajar
to go for a walk pasearse, ir de paseo, dar un paseo
to go shopping ir de compras
to go to bed acostarse
to go wrong/to fail, to miss fallar
to hand over entregar
to hate odiar/detestar
to have tener
to have (auxiliary verb) haber
to have a cold estar resfriado
To have a high temperature tener fiebre
to have breakfast desayunar
to have dinner, supper cenar
to have lunch almorzar
to have to deber/tener que
to hear oír
to help ayudar
to hold tener
to hope esperar
to hurry darse prisa
to hurt doler
to imagine imaginar(se)
to improve mejorar
to inform informar
to introduce introducir
to invite invitar
to iron planchar
to jump saltar
to knock over, run down atropellar
to knock, hit llamar (a la puerta), golpear
to know (a fact) saber
to know (be familiar with) conocer
to land aterrizar
to last durar
to laugh reír
to lay the table poner la mesa
to learn aprender
to leave marcharse
to leave (an object), to allow dejar
to leave, to depart salir
to lend prestar
to lift the receiver descolgar (el teléfono)
to light iluminar
to light, turn on encender
to like querer
to listen escuchar
to live vivir
to load, to charge cargar
to look after cuidar
to look for, to fetch buscar
to look like, to resemble parecerse a
to lose perder
to love amar/ querer/encantar
to make a mistake equivocarse
to manage, to run, to direct dirigir
to meet juntarse, encontrar, conocer
to miss echar de menos, faltar
to need necesitar
to note notar/darse cuenta
to open abrir
to order pedir (comida en el restaurante)
to organise organizar
to park aparcar
to pass (an exam) aprobar (un examen)
to pass by/to go pasar
to phone telefonear
to please complacer
to prefer preferir
to present/ to introduce (someone) presentar
to prevent, to warn prevenir
to pull tirar
to push empujar
to put poner
to put back/to replace reponer
to put on make up maquillarse
to rain llover
to read leer
to realise dares cuenta de
to receive, to be host to recibir, acoger
to recommend recomendar
to refund reembolsar
to regret, be sorry arrepentirse, sentir
to remember recordar
to rent/to hire alquilar
to repair reparar, arreglar
to repeat repetir
to replace reemplazar
to research investigar
to reserve/to book reservar
to return volver
to revise repasar
to revise/ to check repasar/revisar
to ride (a horse) montar (a caballo)
to ride a horse montar a caballo, ir a caballo
to ring llamar (el timbre)
to run correr
to save salvar
to save (money) ahorrar
to say decir
to say goodbye despedirse
to see ver
to seem parecer
to sell vender
to send enviar
to serve servir
to share compartir
to shave afeitarse
to show mostrar/enseñar
to shower ducharse
to sign firmar
to sing cantar
to sit down sentarse
to skate patinar
to ski esquiar
to sleep dormir
to smile sonreír
to smoke fumar
to snow nevar
to speak hablar
to spend (money) gastar
to spend (time) pasar
to start/to begin empezar/comenzar
to stay/to remain quedarse
to steal robar
to stick pegar
to stop parar(se)
to study estudiar
to succeed triunfar
to sunbathe tomar el sol
to surf the internet navegar en internet
to swim nadar
to take coger, tomar
to take advantage of aprovechar
to take photographs sacar fotos
to teach enseñar
to tell contar
to thank agradecer
to think, believe pensar, creer
to throw tirar
to tidy arreglar
to touch/to play (a musical imstrument) tocar
to try to tratar de
to twist, to turn torcer
to type mecanografiar
to understand entender
to use usar, servirse de
to use utilizar
to vacuum clean pasar la aspiradora
to visit visitar
to wait for esperar
to walk andar, pasear
to want, desire querer, desear
to wash (oneself) lavar(se)
to wash up fregar los platos
to win, earn ganar
to wish desear
to work trabajar
to worry preocuparse
to write escribir
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