This first lesson permits you to have your first contact with the Spanish language. If you master reading literature at this level you will be able to greet others, communicate about daily activities, and describe places and people with ease. In short, you will be able to communicate in the present tense.

The content of the exercises will help you to expand your vocabulary and help you begin to read written material. Also in regard to the composition you will be able to write short paragraphs with meaning.


Basic parts of the Spanish:

Lesson 1:

1.1 Phrases to meet people

1.2 Introductory Dialogue

1.3 Articles

1.4 Vocabularies

Lesson 2:

2.1 Simple tense present of the indicative

2.2 Uses of the present

2.3 Regular verbs

2.4 Simple Preterit of indicative

2.5 Exercise

Lesson 3:

3.1The imperfect tense of indicative
3.2This tense is used

3.3 Examples

3.4 Exercise

Lesson 4:

4.1 Preterit and imperfect grammatical analysis

Lesson 5:

5.1 The simple future of indicative

5.2 When to use the future tense

5.3 Exercises

Lesson 6:

6.1 The simple conditional of indicative

6.2 Conditional simple is used

6.3 Exercises

Lesson 7:

7.1 The Gerund

7.2 Exercise

7.3 Irregular verbs.

Lesson 8:

8.1 Prepositions for beginners
8.2 Exercises

Lesson 9:

9.1 The adverb.

9.2 Adverb exercises

Lesson 10: 

10.1 Direct and Indirect objects

10.2 Exercise

 Testimonials of our Students

Agnes Wu

Before coming to CELAS MAYA, I already completed two to three years of Spanish at a local community college, including one class in conversational Spanish. However, after learning all the grammar and vocabularies taught in the classroom, I still could not speak the language with any level of confidence. At that point, I decided to try online classes and see if it would be more effective.

spanish schoool