Spanish for Travelers



This course is catered to the needs of people who are planning a trip to Latin America or Spain and would like to have a foundational understanding of Spanish prior to their trip. The content includes practical exercises like communicating in a bus station, a doctor's office, a restaurant and also working with the reception staff in a hotel.

This course also provides a basis of the conjugation of commonly used regular and irregular verbs and also a review of prepositions, pronouns and other grammatical areas which will allow the student to construct the necessary sentences.

Gastronomy is also an important theme in conversations as well as customs in the myriad of marketplaces that are so colorful and interesting to visit all around Latin America, including the Otavalo market in Ecuador, Cuzco in Peru and Chichicastenango in Guatemala.

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 Testimonials of our Students

Agnes Wu

Before coming to CELAS MAYA, I already completed two to three years of Spanish at a local community college, including one class in conversational Spanish. However, after learning all the grammar and vocabularies taught in the classroom, I still could not speak the language with any level of confidence. At that point, I decided to try online classes and see if it would be more effective.

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