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El Sol is the only Spanish language school in Lima approved by the Peruvian Ministry of Education and is the pioneer in Lima offering Spanish immersion programs. It combines Spanish class, extra academic activities and a home stay with local families within the context of Latin American culture. A fast-track methodology helps students learn Spanish effectively.


Grimaldo del Solar 469

Miraflores, Lima


Tel: 51 1 242 7763

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Set in the former capital of the Incan Empire, Spanish Language School offers the exceptional opportunity to learn Spanish while immersed in Peruvian culture. With customized tuition at a level and pace suited to your goals, this school is known for its interactive communicative and personal teaching methods. There are also opportunities for volunteering, cultural workshops, and daily student which make this a distinctive school.


Suecia 480



Tel: +51 84 262345

Fax: +51 84 241422

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Wiracocha School utilizes an innovative method of teaching Spanish based on the belief that students should not only learn Spanish, but live it as well. Teachers place a great deal of emphasis on conversation as well as practical exercises in the community. Teaching methods are adapted based on the needs of the student and private and group classes are available. Your studies can also be supplemented by excursions, salsa, and cooking classes.


Cuesta San Blas 561



Tel: +51 84 242562

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Want to learn Spanish quickly with a personal program?

A Quality Option

Peru has many Spanish language schools. Often the priority of the school is to maximize student numbers, but sometimes at the expense of the quality of learning. At Peru Language School we avoid the problems of mixed level groups by only teaching one to one. Furthermore, we are located in a lovely building in a great residential area near the centre of Trujillo, ensuring a peaceful location where you can focus on learning...



Learn Spanish in Cusco! Spanish is one of the most spoken and studied languages in the world. Ethnias Spanish School will help you learn Spanish in Peru in a positive environment, based on our well-structured Cusco Spanish immersion programs and our dynamic and enjoyable Spanish lessons. Our school has experienced native speakers as teachers who are ready to teach you our language.

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Learn about the cultural differences among Hispanics.

Obtain international accreditation of your proficiency in Spanish. Present the DELE in Lima, Peru and gain a diploma from the Cervantes Institute from Spain.

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 Testimonials of our Students

Agnes Wu

Before coming to CELAS MAYA, I already completed two to three years of Spanish at a local community college, including one class in conversational Spanish. However, after learning all the grammar and vocabularies taught in the classroom, I still could not speak the language with any level of confidence. At that point, I decided to try online classes and see if it would be more effective.

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