Spanish for Businesses




The course Spanish for Businesses is geared toward entrepreneurs, executives, and practicing students whose businesses are conducted in Spain,  Latin America, or otherwise involve people who speak Spanish. This course addresses subjects including: conducting meetings in Spanish, reporting, and developing a business plan and its distinct components (context analysis, Executive Summary, background, products and services, business operations and organization, Human Resources, legal framework, financial planning, intercultural relationships, and environmental and social factors).


The resources utilized for this course are carefully selected and developed by authors from different Latin American countries and include texts developed by professionals working at the Celas Maya Spanish School in Guatemala.

As your objective is to have language skills as well as sociolinguistic knowledge, this course also reviews grammar, intercultural relations and Latin American culture. The intention is that you will not only understand the language, but also know how to apply it in the specific context of the business world.

A strong advantage of this course is that it can be done at times that are convenient for any schedule- classes can be held in the morning, evening, or even on a lunch break!

This course is coordinated by Juan Mejía, an economist at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration which he earned from the Iberoamericana University of Puebla, Mexico.

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 Testimonials of our Students

Agnes Wu

Before coming to CELAS MAYA, I already completed two to three years of Spanish at a local community college, including one class in conversational Spanish. However, after learning all the grammar and vocabularies taught in the classroom, I still could not speak the language with any level of confidence. At that point, I decided to try online classes and see if it would be more effective.

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